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White Tea

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Our exquisite Chinese White Pekoe tea is sourced from a quaint, 2-acre farm nestled in the mountainous terrain of the Fujian Province in China. Situated at an elevation of around 3,500 feet, these serene tea gardens are the birthplace of this delightful tea. Each year, in the late days of March, the gardens yield perfect harvests of light-green and white tea leaves, the foundation of our exceptional Pekoe tea renowned for its brilliant flavor. In contrast to many other teas, our white tea undergoes neither oxidation nor steaming post-harvest. Instead, the leaves are simply dried, a process that ensures the tea retains a balanced, mild, and sweet flavor profile. This method of preparation allows the delicate and nuanced characteristics of the tea to shine through, offering a truly unique tea-drinking experience. We invite you to indulge in this delicate treasure and discover the subtle yet captivating essence of our Chinese White Pekoe tea
White Tea
White Tea Sale price$18.99 Regular price$19.99