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Japan Genmaicha Green Tea

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Japanese Genmaicha green tea, often referred to as "popcorn tea," is a fascinating blend that beautifully showcases the art of tea-making. According to legend, its origin dates back to the 1400s, when an unexpected incident led to its creation. As the story goes, a servant named Genmai, while serving hot tea to his Samurai warlord, accidentally dropped rice from his pocket into the tea. To their astonishment, the rice began popping in the near-boiling liquid. The samurai, intrigued by this occurrence, tasted the tea and found it delightfully pleasing. In honor of Genmai, the samurai named the tea after him and requested it to be a part of his daily ritual. In the making of Genmaicha, young tea leaves are harvested, dried, and then blended with roasted, hulled rice kernels, which contributes to its unique "popcorn" appearance. This combination results in a cup of tea that is not only visually intriguing but also offers a sweet flavor with a deliciously toasty finish. Genmaicha's unique character and taste make it a cherished variety among tea enthusiasts, embodying a blend of tradition, accidental discovery, and culinary innovation.
Japan Genmaicha Green Tea
Japan Genmaicha Green Tea Sale price$14.99