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Japan Decaf Sencha Green Tea

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Japanese Decaf Sencha, despite its name, is cultivated in the Zhejiang Province, situated in the picturesque West Lake Region of China. Zhejiang, as a leading tea producer, is renowned for its array of teas, including the well-known Gunpowder, Mei Longjing, and Jasmine, which is scented with green leaf. The foundational base for these teas is a China Green "Sencha-style" leaf, underscoring the region's versatility in tea production. This Japanese-style Decaf Sencha is characterized by its tightly rolled, needle-shaped leaves, a hallmark of traditional Japanese green tea. The decaffeination process of this tea employs a CO2 method, which effectively removes caffeine without compromising the tea's inherent health benefits. This process also preserves the tea's perfect harmony of sweetness and astringency, along with its clean finish. Enjoying a cup of this decaf Sencha offers a taste of traditional Japanese tea culture, combined with the benefits and flavors preserved through a gentle, modern decaffeination process.
Japan Decaf Sencha Green Tea
Japan Decaf Sencha Green Tea Sale price$17.99