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India Malabar 'Monsooned Voyage' Coffee

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In the 1600s, coffee beans embarked on lengthy sea journeys from India to Europe, spending up to six months in the damp, airless confines of ship cargo holds. These conditions led to the beans becoming swollen and yellowed by the time they reached European shores. Unaware of any different, Europeans brewed these beans, developing a fondness for the sweetly fermented, earthy, and well-balanced flavors of the resulting brew. Today, with the advent of modern transportation, these maritime conditions are no longer a factor in coffee transport. However, to replicate the unique taste profile of those historical voyages, the "Monsooning" process was developed. This 16-week wet processing method mimics the conditions of those long sea voyages, resulting in a coffee with a distinct taste. The India Malabar 'Monsooned Voyage', medium-roasted, offers a top-grade brew known for its medium body, gentle tanginess, mellow flavor, and memorable aroma, echoing the unique journey of coffee beans from centuries past.
India Malabar 'Monsooned Voyage' Coffee
India Malabar 'Monsooned Voyage' Coffee Sale price$10.50