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Formosa Oolong Tea

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Oolong tea, deriving its name from the Chinese word "wu-lung" meaning "Black Dragon," uniquely straddles the characteristics of both green and black teas. Formosa Oolong teas, produced in Taiwan, are known for being the world's largest producers of Oolong tea. An intriguing aspect of their production involves the intentional, slight bruising of the leaves while they are still growing. This process initiates fermentation, a critical step in developing the tea's distinct profile. Tea artisans vigilantly monitor the leaves, seeking the ideal balance between red and green hues. These leaves are harvested at dawn and spread out to wither under the warmth of the sun. Following this, the leaves undergo rigorous grading and strict quality control before packaging. Growing in popularity in the United States, Formosa Oolong tea is poised to become a new favorite among tea enthusiasts. This full-bodied tea delights the senses with its fruity-sweet aroma and matching flavor, offering a rejuvenating experience to both body and palate. A cup of Formosa Oolong tea promises not just refreshment but an immersive flavor journey.
Formosa Oolong Tea
Formosa Oolong Tea Sale price$11.99