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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee

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Yirgacheffe coffee, cultivated in the verdant hills of southwestern Ethiopia, is celebrated as the nation's "Crown and Glory" due to its superior quality and distinctive taste. This Ethiopian treasure has been hand sorted and harvested with great care for decades. The beans undergo a wet processing method, which amplifies their acidity and brings out clean, floral notes. Characterized by a full body and subtle earthy flavors, Yirgacheffe reaches its peak when medium-light roasted. This specific roasting technique unveils a unique fragrance and an intensified, lingering finish. Renowned for its sweet, rich, and smooth profile, Yirgacheffe coffee stands as a top contender for the title of the finest African coffee, embodying the rich coffee culture of Ethiopia in every cup.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee Sale price$10.50