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Colombia Supremo 'La Valle Verde' Coffee

Sale price$9.95

For over seven decades, the Colombian Coffee Federation (CCF) has been a pivotal force in supporting more than 500,000 Colombian coffee farmers, contributing to the country's reputation for producing top-grade, rich gourmet coffee. The Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde coffee, a testament to this legacy, is meticulously hand-harvested and promptly processed through a washing method. This technique involves removing the pulp and skin while the fruit is still fresh, followed by soaking and additional washing to eliminate excess pulp. Under the constant vigilance of the CCF, Supremo beans are assured exceptional quality. Medium-roasted to perfection, Colombia Supremo offers a harmonious balance of body and acidity, characterized by a heady aroma and a profoundly rich flavor, embodying the essence of Colombian coffee craftsmanship.
Columbia_Supremo_La_Valle_Verde coffee
Colombia Supremo 'La Valle Verde' Coffee Sale price$9.95