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Chinese HySon Green Tea

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Chinese Hyson Green Tea, originating from the Anhui Province of China, gained significant popularity in the 18th Century, leading to a higher British Tea Tax for this variety compared to others. Known for being harvested before the seasonal rains, this tea is celebrated for its delicious, earthy flavor. The name "Hyson" translates to "Flourishing Spring," aptly reflecting the tea's fresh green character, reminiscent of the budding leaves of springtime. This high-grade young Hyson green tea is distinguished by its green-tinted body and smooth-tasting liquor. To fully appreciate its flavors, it is recommended to boil water and steep the tea at temperatures below 180 degrees Fahrenheit, being mindful that over-steeping can lead to bitterness. A measure of one teaspoon per 6oz cup of water is ideal. Typically enjoyed hot without the need for milk or sugar, Chinese Hyson also offers a refreshing experience when served cold, perhaps with a garnish of lemon or lime to enhance its natural zest. This versatility makes it a delightful choice for tea enthusiasts seeking both traditional and modern ways to enjoy their brew.
Chinese_Hyson Tea Green Tea
Chinese HySon Green Tea Sale price$9.99