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China Magnolia Oolong Tea

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Oolong Tea, renowned as one of the most celebrated Chinese teas, is also known as "black dragon tea" due to its dark, elongated, and curled leaves. This tea is not only rich in flavor but also serves as a potent natural antioxidant. Cultivated in the mountainous terrain of northern Fujian, Chinese Oolong holds a special place as the official tea of the ancient Fujian Tea Ceremony, a 400-year-old tradition dedicated to the art and appreciation of tea. In our pursuit to enhance your Oolong tea experience, we have infused this tea with the essence of magnolia. This addition elevates the tea, creating a harmonious balance between exquisite taste and health benefits. When steeped, this magnolia-enriched Oolong unfolds into a beverage that is both delightful to the palate and beneficial for well-being, offering a flawless synergy of flavor and healthful properties.
China Magnolia Oolong Tea
China Magnolia Oolong Tea Sale price$9.99