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China Dragon Phoenix Pearl Green Tea

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Green Tea, infused with the aroma of jasmine, has been a cherished beverage since the Sung Dynasty, delighting connoisseurs for nearly 800 years. The 'Dragon Phoenix Pearl' tea is so named for the way its bushes appear to ascend the hillsides, reminiscent of a dragon emerging from the water. This exquisite tea is harvested in April and May. The leaves are processed with meticulous care, hand-rolled, and then enveloped in silk mesh before being fire-dried to set their shape. The tea is stored until the late summer months of August and September, coinciding with the blooming of the finest jasmine flowers. The jasmine blooms are carefully picked before noon and set aside. In the evening, as the cool night air unfurls the petals, the magic of fragrance infusion begins. The tea and jasmine are combined in a delicate process known as "marrying," conducted in two stages to fully capture the essence of jasmine. Following this, the jasmine petals are removed, leaving the tea imbued with their fragrant aroma, ready to be enjoyed as a timeless testament to the art of tea-making
China's Dragon & Phoenix pearls: Green tea & jasmine symphony
China Dragon Phoenix Pearl Green Tea Sale price$29.95