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Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea

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Originating from Galle, Sri Lanka, this tea is a quintessential example of low-grown black Ceylon tea, a name derived from the country's former name until it was renamed Sri Lanka in 1972. Cultivated in the lush, southwest district of Galle, this black tea enjoys the advantage of almost year-round production. Thriving at elevations of 1,000 feet and below, the consistent temperatures and high humidity of the region create the perfect conditions for this high-quality tea. This black tea boasts a full yet delicate flavor profile, characterized by its mellow briskness and remarkable smoothness. Its infusion results in a golden hue, offering a deliciously rich experience. The Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea is versatile, being equally enjoyable whether served with milk or lemon, or as a refreshing iced tea. It's a delightful choice that is sure to impress and satisfy your guests with its exquisite taste and quality.
Ceylon_Chester_Broken_Orange_Pekoe Black Tea
Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea Sale price$9.99